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“I once heard someone say morality was method. Do you hold with that? I suppose you wouldn’t. You would say that morality was vested in the aim, I expect. Difficult to know what one’s aims are, that’s the trouble, especially if you’re Dunnish.”

Dunland is the heart of the Celtannish Empire. It shares land borders with Caestland to the north and Gambris to the west; the Sennish Sea is to the north-west, the Celtan Sea to the south-west, with the North Sea to the east and the Dunnish Channel to the south separating it from the eastern continent. Most of Dunland comprises the central and southern part of Great Celtannia. Dunland also includes over 100 smaller islands, such as the Isles of Scaglash and the Isle of Wight.

Dunland is the cultural core of the Empire. The capital of the United Kingdoms, Olphast, is on the eastern half of Dunland. The Queen and her family resides there, as do the Houses of Senate. The aristocracy is a vital part of the Dunland scene, and one of the most austere positions a member of the common classes can aspire to is to be in service to a distinguished family. Clear class distinctions are a social reality, but many wealthy moguls have broken their way into noble circles of late. Until recently, power and and the history of one’s family were roughly synonymous, but there are clear signs of change in that attitude.


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