Church of Mithras

“In the beginning, Mithras hovered over the waters that were – there, he placed stone to divide the deep – there, he crafted light to fill the darkness – there, he separated life from death.”

The Church of Mithras is the state faith of the United Kingdoms. It is as much a cultural entity as it is a religious one; only the rare Dunnish citizen will reveal himself as a non-believer. Churches to Mithras can be found everywhere in the Kingdoms, in or near every community. Blackmoor Gate has its own priest and vicar, and also a very pleasant church building that’s a little over two hundred years old.

As for Mithras, he is everything one would expect in a monotheistic deity; loving, instructive, watchful and, occasionally, wrathful. The center of the Church’s power is located in Valiope, a country on the eastern continent, but not all worshipers recognize the validity of His Holiness, the Archbishop of Valiope.

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Church interior

Church of Mithras

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