Character Creation

Your characters will be generated using the standard 4th Edition rules. You’ll be starting off at level 1.

All characters (save one) will be a member of the lineage of Ashby, “true” members of the Augustus family.

- You will have lived at the estate for many years of your life, even if you did not grow up there and even if that time wasn’t recent.
- You are the son or daughter of Cornelius Erasmus Augustus and Eloise Augustus, current house patriarch and matriarch, the son or daughter of the late Percival Augustus and his widow Fionnaghal Fletcher, or the son or daughter of Amelia Masterson and Landon Masterson. It is also possible that you are a child of Percival’s, but not of Fionnaghal, in which case you are in charge of creating your own mother.
- If you are a child of Cornelius or Amelia, you are a human.
- If you are a child of Percival, you are elf-kind or half-kind (if from Fionnaghal or an elven dalliance) or human (if from a non-elf dalliance).

Possibilities include:
- A magically-inclined Augustan just back from the academy and itching to try out some of her “defensive magic.”
- A dashing swordsman just starting out on the dueling circuit, and looking for training on the… unconventional side.
- Nothing seems finer than following directly in the roguish footsteps of Percival.
- After some time among the elven clans to complete your coming-of-age, you have returned a woman, with a new link to the natural world and strong wanderlust.
- Always a devout believer, you received specialized church training, but you are still uncertain about the aim of your own life, so the Mithran Vicar herself sent you on “extended pilgrimage.”

The Outsider
One, and only one, character may play an outsider to the family. His or her race is open to the options presented under the “Civilized Races” portion of the wiki, but you must generate a convincing reason to become interested in and remain interested in the affairs of House Augustus, or at least the lives of its children. The role of the Outsider is partially to provide a contrast against the noble-bred, Dunnish Augustans, so please try to ensure that he or she is different enough in class or race to properly suit that role.

Possibilities include:
- A descendent of the Verona line of House Augustus, and thus a bearer of Steiner blood. Must be a child of Adler Friedman or Hedwig Friedman.
- An employee of the house whose dreams extend far beyond a servant’s occupation.
- A guide hired on by Cornelius to protect and advise the Augustus children on their unwavering dream of venturing far and wide.
- Foreigner who found employment with the somewhat less-foreign constable.
- A clansman or relative of Fionnaghal who, tired of clan life, is exploring the Dunnish life.
- Local “criminal” who supports Sennish independence.

What You Need To Have Ready
Other character connections will be decided upon in the first session; all you need do is generate a solid name and a rough concept of what his or her life is like, and that should be sufficient for the pre-game.

Character Creation

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