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“No one in Caestland can escape from the past. It is everywhere, haunting like a ghost. To an elf, the past clings like sand to wet feet, and is carried about as a burden.”

Caestland is a vital part of the United Kingdoms. Occupying the northern third of the island of Great Celtannia, it shares a border with Dunland to the south and is bounded by the North Sea to the east, the Ghardic Ocean to the north and west, and the North Channel and Sennish Sea to the southwest. In addition to the mainland, Caestland constitutes over 790 islands, including the Northern Isles and the Pherias.

Caestland has been part of the United Kingdoms for just over 200 years. The citizens of Caestland are predominantly elves and other wild-folk, and its proclivities with the faerie-realms are well known. Caestland is a poet’s paradise, and its majestic landscapes are legendary.


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