A List of Relatives

Family Tree

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1st Generation
Wallace Augustus – Prudence Stanford Augustus

2nd Generation
Ashby Augustus – Cordelia Colston Augustus
Verona Augustus – Wolfgang Friedman
Ophelia Augustus

3rd Generation
Cornelius Augustus – Eloise Medhurst Augustus
Percival Augustus – Fionnaghal Fletcher
Amelia Augustus Masterson – Landon Masterson
Adler Friedman – Klara Vogler
Hedwig Friedman – Reinhard Kuhn

4th Generation
Bishop Augustus
Brianna Fletcher

The modern iterations of the Augustus family are completely separated between Ashby’s line and Verona’s line. The two sides have not been too familiar with one another since Verona’s marriage to the Steiner nobleman Wolfgang Friedman. Verona’s line lives in the Volkenstaat, and all bear Steiner blood. The families do meet on occasion, but years separate those gatherings, and the families display clear loyalty to their own.

A List of Relatives

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